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As a storyteller, my mind runs free traveling mountains and valleys of everyday places to bring my characters' stories to life. Each couple's tale varies but most are spicy, with just enough heat to sizzle. I am a Reader's Choice gold medal winner in romantic suspense, and continually strive to craft stories that will entertain, thrill, and break your heart.

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Date: 8/23


How do you feel about It?

I've seen much online bullying of late. I knew It existed, but seeing It for myself was an eye-opener. The political climate and current events seem to have given permission to keyboard warriors to do and say hateful things. It's unacceptable.

The more positive influence you put out Into the world, the more positive things come back to you. I could go into studies I've done In the bible, on vibrational energy, and Nikola Tesla but, If you're like me, you'll Google the topic and read for yourself. It's Interesting. The rebound effect of what you put out coming back to you only makes sense. Don't take my word for It. Test It for yourself.

I have been journaling each day on my own personal experience with positive energy. I can honestly say, kindness begets kindness. Hate begets hate.

When I was growing up, and when raising my children, bullying was discouraged with the threat of dire consequences. Now, for each person that bar Is different. Successful parenting requires that we know what that bar Is for our children, I.e. a time-out spent In the child's room, the removal of video games, a day spent with friends ... you get the Idea, and you know what I mean.

So what are the consequences when a beloved public figure behaves badly?

We need to think hard and long about how we react to bullying because our children are watching. Actions have consequences and there Is not one of us who has not suffered consequences for our bad behavior. I would say that we need to draw on these experiences as a resource. Providing someone a platform for bullying Is a choice. Choose wisely.





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