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As a storyteller, my mind runs free traveling valleys and mountaintops of everyday places to bring my characters' stories to life. Each couple's tale varies but most are spicy, with just enough heat to sizzle. I am a Reader's Choice gold medal winner in romantic suspense, and continually strive to craft stories that will entertain, thrill, and break your heart.

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Stephanie Phillips, SBR Media

Contact: stephanie@sbrmedia.com


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The Imperfection Series

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Date: 1/5/23

Do you feel a little down after the holidays? I love the hype and the lead Into them but the days after give me mixed feelings. After spending time with loved ones, it's back to the daily life. Not that it's boring. It Isn't. In fact, most people use the new year to set new goals and make some resolutions. I've made a few myself. What about you?


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