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As a storyteller, my mind runs free traveling mountains and valleys of everyday places to bring my characters' stories to life. Each couple's tale varies but most are spicy, with just enough heat to sizzle. I am a Reader's Choice gold medal winner in romantic suspense, and continually strive to craft stories that will entertain, thrill, and break your heart.

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Date: 5/23


For the next several months, I leaned on this giant without his knowledge. I learned everything I could about the physiological reasons behind my fearful episodes. My doctor and I worked hand in hand to develop a course of treatment. When I stopped being afraid of “IT,” I learned the episodes were the way my body responded to stress. I set about learning to manage what I considered a monumental roadblock in my life. Through counseling and medication, I have lived a happy life for many years and have been able to help others.

I even learned needlepoint.

Rosey Grier’s openness and honesty set me on a path. Rosey Grier's openness and honesty taught me I was not losing my mind. If you’re reading this and are experiencing troublesome issues with anxiety, I hope my transparency might set you on a journey of emotional wellness.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Don’t suffer alone. Help is out there.



“How Football Changed My Life.”

Rosey Grier. I met him while having lunch with two close friends In the lunchroom of the law firm where we worked. It was the 1980’s. People Magazine had a story about the football player and how he used needlepoint to calm his nerves. Nerves? That was the diagnosis doctors used to dismiss the anxiety that plagued me since I was a child, and that I referred to as “IT.” I read with interest, honing in on the little box at the bottom of the article. It listed every physical sensation I experienced. Previous doctors called them “nervous spells.” I looked at my coworker (who also is my cousin) and said, “Oh my god. It’s a real thing.” That afternoon I called my physician, saw him after work, and the next day he was on the phone to that same California facility where treatment was being pioneered.

Until that article I knew Rosey Grier as a football player, the man who wrestled the gun from Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Bobby Kennedy, and the voice behind "It's Alright to Cry," from "Free to Be...You and Me." We had nothing in common, yet on this our lives intersected.



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