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As a storyteller, my mind runs free traveling mountains and valleys of everyday places to bring my characters' stories to life. Each couple's tale varies but most are spicy, with just enough heat to sizzle. I am a Reader's Choice gold medal winner in romantic suspense, and continually strive to craft stories that will entertain, thrill, and break your heart.

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October 2023

I Love Fall.

I don’t love turning back the clock.

Sweater weather Is so pretty. I love the changing of leaves, apple cider, the crisp air — I just love it all.

I’ve only lived In areas where we have a change of seasons and I think, this year, more than others, I’m reflecting on changes that have occurred In my life. Some haven’t been by choice. Others, I’ve chosen.

Living by the shore wasn’t a choice, though you would think so. For most It’s a dream. Mine came out of a nightmare situation. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to live within a short distance of the ocean. It Is where I find peace for my soul.

I was talking to my daughter upon the completion of my latest book. I was, quite honestly, at a loss. It was the first day In many years that I didn’t have a mental checklist of what I had to do “next” — and, there was ALWAYS a “next.”

Of course, that mindset didn’t last long. As soon as I took a walk in the sunshine a new storyline emerged in my thoughts. I wrote It down, entertained a few twists, and started an outline. My daughter, wise as she Is, prescribed a day on the beach enjoying one of the many books that sit pretty on my bookshelves and that I’ve not had the time to read.

Fall is a good time to reflect. Nature gives us such a beautiful example of change during this time. My transformation was born of tragedy and heartache, but I am grateful for each day and for the people who’ve blessed my life. As for now, I’m going to bundle up, take a thermos of hot cider, and make my way to the water.





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